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2014 Alaska Native Injury Atlas:
An Update

2014 Alaska Native Injury Atlas: An Update

This report provides an overview of injury among Alaska Native and American Indian people in Alaska (AN/AI). It describes the leading causes of injury deaths and injury hospitalizations statewide and within each region. It presents stories about successes in tribal injury prevention (IP), and describes some challenges to IP efforts in Alaska.

Alaska Native Mortality Update: 2004-2008

Alaska Native Mortality Update: 2009-2013

This data book is a collaborative effort with the State of Alaska’s Bureau of Vital Statistics and the ANTHC, Alaska Native Epidemiology Center. It reports on leading causes of death for the Alaska Native population. Data are provided by age, gender, and by tribal health service regions.

Cancer in Alaska Native People: 45-Year Report

Cancer in Alaska Native People: 45-Year Report

Cancer incidence is the leading cause of death among Alaska Native people. Colorectal, breast, and lung cancer are the most frequently diagnosed cancers. This 45-year report shows detailed information on cancer incidence and mortality by site, gender and cancer trends over time compared to cancer patterns in US whites. Cancer incidence data are also presented by Tribal Health Regions in Alaska for leading cancers and cancer trends.

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