The Alaska Rural Behavioral Health Needs Assessment

The Final Report has been completed and is available (see links below)  

Background:  The purpose of the rural behavioral health needs assessment is to identify, document, and project the total unmet need for behavioral health services and facilities in rural Alaska. The Denali Commission, State of Alaska, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, and Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium recognize the critical importance of behavioral health services. We have partnered to identify the need in rural Alaska, and are working to improve rural access to these services.

It is our hope that this study serves as a basis and a point of departure for developing a plan to re-allocate resources to improve outcomes of those in need. Furthermore, this assessment shall help guide local, tribal, state, and federal policy makers on the selection and prioritization of services, programs and construction projects that have the greatest possible potential for effective and significant improvement of the delivery of behavioral health services for Alaskans. The collaboration between agencies has proven effective thus far. We can continue to build and use this relationship as a foundation and framework to collectively begin to fill the gaps in behavioral health services for rural Alaska.

Alaska Rural Behavioral Health Needs Assessment January 2005

For more information regarding the report of if you would like a hard copy of the report, please contact:

Charles Fagerstrom
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Phone: 907.729.1909