Liver Disease & Hepatitis Program

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Our mission is to conduct activities that will serve to improve the health of Alaska Native and American Indian persons who either have or are at risk of getting viral hepatitis or other liver diseases.

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Providing Care For Liver Disease

The ANTHC Liver Disease and Hepatitis Program vision is to promote innovation and teamwork between program and clinical staff across the Alaska Tribal Health System, thereby achieving excellence in patient care. We provide up-to-date U.S. recommendations and guidelines for the care of viral hepatitis and liver disease as well as other resources and clinical assessment tools for providers.

Hepatitis B

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Recommendations for the clinical management of acute and chronic hepatitis B infection including monitoring and treatment, as well as hepatitis B vaccination guidelines.


Other Liver Disease

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Healthcare provider resources for other liver diseases including alcoholic hepatitis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis, and primary biliary cirrhosis.



LiverConnect offers case presentations by providers in Alaska with ANTHC liver disease specialists as well as a brief presentation on a liver disease topic. Please check the calendar for our upcoming schedule or check out the LiverConnect program for further information.


We offer answers to frequently asked questions from liver disease specialists.  Please submit your FAQ anonymously.