ANTHC Elder Care

"Elders need to be near the river where they were raised,"

spoken by Rose Jerue in 1989, these words are the motto of ANTHC Elder Care.


What is Elder Care?

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) Elder Care works with our regional tribal health partners to identify the needs of Alaska Native elders, and to investigate possible solutions for meeting those needs. ANTHC Elder Care is particularly focused on the long term care needs, and how to support elders and their families to remain as close to home as they can. When that is not possible, the goal is to develop culturally appropriate care and services in other settings.

Vision of Elder Care

Alaska Native elders and those with disabilities have access to the long term care services necessary to keep them as close to home as possible, as healthy and safe as possible, and that affords them as much independence as possible.

Mission of Elder Care

With our cultural and traditional wisdom and knowledge the Alaska Native Elder Health Advisory Committee (ANEHAC) will advocate for the health and well-being of Alaska Native people.


ANTHC Elder Care

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