About the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

In June 1998, a new era of statewide management of tribal health services began when the Alaska Area Native Health Service signed a contract transferring statewide services to the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC).

Managed and operated by its customers, who are represented by 15 Alaska Native leaders from around the state, ANTHC is a not-for-profit health organization that provides statewide services in specialty medical care; operates the 150-bed, state-of-the-art Alaska Native Medical Center hospital; leads construction of water, sanitation and health facilities around Alaska; offers community health and research services; is at the forefront of innovative information technology; and offers professional recruiting to partners across the state. As a member of the Alaska Native Health Board, ANTHC works closely with the National Indian Health Board to address Alaska Native and American Indian health issues.

To achieve the vision that Alaska Native people are the healthiest people in the world, ANTHC works with customers, members of the Alaska Tribal Health System, and non-Native agencies that share common objectives. ANTHC asks employees to provide the highest quality health services, a level of service that makes Alaska Native people proud, and encourages Alaska Native people to make healthy choices that keep families and communities strong. ANTHC also works with many partners, lawmakers, volunteers and advocates toward building a unified health system to achieve the highest quality services.

Today with more than 2,000 staff members providing an array of health services, ANTHC is closer to its vision than ever before and making a life-changing difference in the health of Alaska Native people every day.

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